Welcome to the Connell Memorial Herbarium (UNB IH) . In addition to a searchable database of the collections we maintain, we have posted in-depth information about our policies, facilities and collections under the menus above. The Connell Memorial Herbarium is housed in the Department of Biology, University of New Brunswick. Please visit the Contact page for more information on reaching us or checkout our blog, UNBHerbarium News.

Established in 1838, the Connell Memorial Herbarium is the oldest institutional collection still extant in Canada (B. Boivin in Provancheria No. 10, Survey of Canadian Herbaria, 1980). It now houses over 64,000 specimens. This is the largest collection of vascular plants in the province and the second largest in Atlantic Canada. There is also an algal collection of more than 27,000 specimens including many type specimens and a small mycological collection. Most of the specimens are from New Brunswick and the Atlantic provinces, but we have many from across Canada and around the world. The authoritative guide to plants in this province, "The Flora of New Brunswick" by H.R. Hinds, was published by the herbarium in 2000.

Thanks to a grant from the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, support from the University of New Brunswick Department of Biology, and proceeds from the sale of the "Flora of New Brunswick", our collections are being digitized, and more than 55,000 records are currently available in the online database.

To begin exploring our collections, click on the "Database" tab in the menu above, or begin searching the database immediately by typing a species name, location, or other search term into the "Database Search" box to the right. Also, we would appreciate hearing about any problems you might encounter with the search or with the data itself through the "Report a Problem" link. Thank you!

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Harold R. Hinds (1937 - 2001)
for his vision and dedication to botany in N.B.